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Congratulating Arjun on winning a prestigious Science Fair award!

We are thrilled to announce that one of our outstanding students, Arjun Pathare, has achieved a remarkable accomplishment by winning a prestigious award at the recent PHE Science & Engineering Fair 2024. The dedication, hard work, and innovative thinking displayed by Arjun have truly set him apart in the field of science and technology.


Arjun's project, titled "Grabby-Clean up Robot," impressed the judges with its creativity, scientific rigor, and real-world application. Through meticulous research, experimentation, and analysis, Arjun has demonstrated a deep understanding of the chosen topic and has showcased a passion for scientific inquiry.


This achievement not only reflects Arjun‘s individual talent and commitment but also highlights the exceptional quality of education and mentorship provided by our school. It is a testament to the importance of fostering curiosity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills among our students.


We are immensely proud of Arjun‘s success and believe that this award is just the beginning of a bright future filled with further accomplishments and contributions to the scientific community. Please join us in congratulating Arjun Pathare on this well-deserved recognition.


Let us continue to support and encourage all our students as they pursue their academic and scientific endeavors with passion and determination.

Robotics as a perfect educational tool


Robotics as a link to science and math

Even though the main purpose of robotics club is to learn coding, robotics can be a powerful link between programming, science and math. While programming robots, students acquire knowledge and skills in math, logic, physics, biology and chemistry that can be applied in real-world problems.

Robotics is the future and present

Robots have been successfully used in many fields, including construction, medicine, science and more. Our students have endless opportunities to design, build and program innovative robots, developing their technological skills that are necessary in today's world and the future.




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