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Jan 15, 2024 - Mar 15, 2024

Advanced Math Grade 4C

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We are proud to share that our center is now offering advanced math program! Advanced math course combines in-depth common core math and challenging Olympiad math. The course consists of 18 classes and covers: 1. Naming fractions. 2. Comparing Fractions. Using models and pictures to compare fractions. 3. Percent. 4. Mixed numbers. 5. Fractions and number line. 6. Improper fractions. 7. Decimals. 8. Decimals and number line. 9. Relating decimals and fractions. 10. Common denominator. Adding and subtracting fractions. 11. Equivalent fractions. 12. Simplify fractions. 13. Adding and subtracting fractions with different denominator. 14. Adding and subtracting mixed numbers with different denominator. The course is taught by an experienced math teacher (PhD in Applied Math). Small class size. There is a limit of 5 students in the class. Students meet each Wednesday and Friday from 4:30 to 5:30 starting Jan. 15. Grade 4 registration: Use promo code: MATHPRO20 to receive $20 off until Jan.14 (limit to 5 students). There is a waitlist for other grades.

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Advanced Math. Grade 4, $200.00/month

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